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China: Wealth, Lifestyle and Culture

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  • Exclusive footage of Fendi's fashion show on the Great Wall of China
  • Vogue China Editor-in-Chief, Angelica Cheung on chinese women's style
  • The entrepreneur spearheading Beijing's cultural reawakening, Handel Lee
  • China's self-proclaimed empress of contemporary art, Pearl Lam
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(CNN) -- This month Art of Life goes East.

This month Art of Life looks at fashion in China.

The Great Wall of China provides the dramatic backdrop for Fendi's Spring/Summer 2008 collection and the scene for this month's Art of Life.

This multi-million dollar event is a glittering example of how seriously luxury groups like Fendi owner LVMH are taking Chinese consumers and their growing spending power. Fendi reportedly received "unwavering" support from the People's Republic. We talk with Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of luxury goods group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH), to talk about the future of luxury goods brands in China

China Vogue

If you want a symbol of how fast the luxury market in China is growing look no further than Vogue China. The world's fashion bible is known for not entering a market until its consumers have reached a certain level of sophistication. We talk to Chinese Vogue editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung about the magazine's role in educating women about style, China's up and coming designers and the luxury brands cashing in on China's economic boom.

Chinese Lifestyle

China's economic boom is drawing Chinese Americans - and their investment dollars - back to the motherland. Business is booming at a level perhaps only seen in Shanghai back in the 1920s, known then as the "Paris of the Orient". We talk to one of the pioneering entrepreneurs, Handel Lee, a Chinese American lawyer turned businessman. Monita talks to him about his restoration of the Beijing's old American legation near Tianamen Square and his determination to bring the best of the west the east.


Chinese Culture

Outlandish and outspoken Pearl Lam is the self-proclaimed empress of China's contemporary art scene. Part party-girl, part intellectual aesthete, Pearl introduces us to some of the hottest names in Chinese contemporary art. We meet Shao Fan and Zhang Huan two ground-breaking members of the Chinese literati who are drawing on Chinese tradition and history to explore a rapidly changing modern culture. We find out why Chinese Art is experiencing such a boom in the West and how western perception of Chinese Art differs from the Chinese view. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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