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  • Hugo Chavez set to visit France, UK and Portugal on international tour
  • Kosovo is set to hold parliamentary elections
  • Annual Cannabis Cup takes place in Amsterdam
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(CNN) -- The following are the stories we expect to be making the headlines in the next seven days:



Red rover: Hugo Chavez is set to embark on an international tour.

Are cars electric?
The 2008 Green Car of the Year Award will be handed out at the Los Angeles auto show.

Riot charge
Trial begins of ethnic Russians accused of inciting a public riot following the removal of a Soviet war memorial from the Estonian capital, Tallinn.

Will he, won't he?
Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is tentatively scheduled to meet with George W. Bush at the White House.


Night shower
The Leonids meteor shower hits its peak. Experts expect that perhaps a dozen meteors per hour will be visible.

Tense elections
Kosovo is scheduled to hold parliamentary elections that will go some way to deciding the future of the Balkan territory.

Oil's well
After a meeting with other OPEC leaders, Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez is set to embark on an international tour that will include France and the UK.

Money men
The finance ministers and central bank governors of the G-20 countries are scheduled to meet in Cape Town, South Africa.


Up in smoke
The annual Cannabis Cup takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with coffee shops competing for the title of best marijuana, seed store and hemp products.

Lethal landmines
An international conference on landmines -- the cause death and injury long after a conflict ends - takes place in Amman, Jordan.

Asia talks
The Association of South East Asian Nations holds its summit in Singapore.


Nuclear debate
Edinburgh hosts the International Atomic Energy Agency conference on international illicit nuclear trafficking.

TV honors
Stars from the small screen will be walking up the red carpet at the Emmy Awards in New York.

Knock-out blow
Former boxer Mike Tyson will be sentenced after pleading guilty earlier in the year to charges of possession of drugs.


Give Japan the finger
The Japanese government is scheduled to begin fingerprinting and photographing all foreign visitors.

The adorable couple
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

To the polls
Parliamentary elections are set to take place in Jordan.


Jena 6 hearing
A hearing is set to take place in Los Angeles that could allow the press to attend the trial of juvenile Mychal Bell who is one of the accused in the "Jena 6" case where six black students are accused of beating a white student.

Hello, world
It's World Hello Day. The organizers encourage everyone to say hello to at least 10 people. The day was started to promote the importance of personal communication in preserving peace.

Square eyes
The United Nations sponsors World Television Day to commemorate the first World Television forum in 1996.


If you're an American, it's time to give thanks and eat until you feel sick.

Radioactive men
Vienna hosts the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors meeting.

Fireworks in Beirut
Lebanon marks its national day. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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