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Recession-o-meter measures mood at Davos

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(CNN) -- CNN correspondent Richard Quest is at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos asking world leaders, policy-makers, big business names and financial experts what they think. Slowdown or recession?

So far the question has divided interviewees, but the recession camp is narrowly ahead with six votes to five.

It's just a slowdown

Video Maurice Flanagan, Vice Chairman of the Emirates Group »

"I have enormous confidence in the giant size of the American economy and it's ability to recover."

Video Samuel DiPiazzas, CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers »

"The world is connected and separated at the same time. These emerging economies have built their own markets, their financial infrastructures are stronger and I believe they can weather the storm."

Video Jeroen van der Veer CEO of Shell »

"We think the best is for people to expect more volatility. And why is that? Because there are no physical problems: you don't wait to fill up gasoline, anywhere. But there's a lot of speculation going. So it's just the mood of the market. So you could say there's more psychology in the price, than problems with the physical flow."

Video Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director of the World Bank »

"We hope that the stimulus that has been given by the cut in interest rates by the Fed will help to ward off worse times."

Video Andrei Kostin, Chairman of VTB Bank »

"We're drafting both scenarios, but I would still put (my money) on a slowdown."

We're heading for recession

Video Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch »

"I am sorry to say -- recession!"

Video James Quigley, CEO of Deloitte »

"I believe we need to focus on the long-term and the talent agenda and those things we need for a competitive economy going forward."

Video Timothy Flynn, Chairman of KPMG International »

"I believe that there is still more to come. We're in a market-based economy, where we're looking at fair-value accounting and marking instruments, to the markets. And, that can be brutal."

Video Ben Verwaayen, CEO of BT »

"The risk factor in the financial services was forgotten, it's back in there and that has caused so much of the problem."

Video Mark Gottfredson, Bain and Company »

"I have certainly been in the hoping for a slowdown category, but ...I think the psychology has shifted enough that I am in the recession category."

Video Michael Elliott, TIME International »

"I think the U.S. is heading for a major slowdown and that that is going to affect growth everywhere!"

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