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How to cast wide in recruiting

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  • Put your organization in the same places that prospective recruits are looking
  • Understand the aspirations of various ethnic and other groups from the offset
  • Rigid team structures can be a major stumbling block to achieving diversity
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From Jo Causon for CNN
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(CNN) -- Due to recent expansion, we are in the process of a recruitment drive. But how do we ensure that we cast our nets as widely as possible to attract talent?

Jo Causon, Director, marketing and corporate affairs, Chartered Management Institute

Jo Causon, Director, marketing and corporate affairs, Chartered Management Institute

You are right to look at your organization's methods of attracting new staff. Recent figures released by the Chartered Management Institute show that failure to understand the job-hunting habits and motivators of particular groups means that employers are missing out on key talent.

It's not just about what individuals are looking for in a job offer. You need to think about where potential employees are looking for jobs, and what their aspirations are so you can retain them in the longer term.

According to the Institute's research, over two-thirds of managers use the Internet to look for new jobs, but just one in 10 had found their job online. This indicates a clear discrepancy between employers and job seekers. The research also shows that groups search for vacancies in different ways.

In terms of race for example, Black managers are more inclined to use press advertising, Asian managers prefer online searches, and White managers favor personal networking. And senior executives with disabilities are more likely than able-bodied individuals to use professional organizations when job-hunting.

If, as you say, you are looking to "cast your net at widely as possible," it is crucial that you are putting your organization in the same places that prospective recruits are looking.

As well as communicating with individuals in the right places, you need to understand the aspirations of various groups from the offset if you are going to benefit from a diverse and varied workforce. Despite legislation and increasing demands for openness and transparency in both corporate and public life, many of the barriers to achieving diversity persist.

To attract individuals, and ensure that they stay with the organization, effort should be put into demonstrating how you as an employer are working towards overcoming these barriers so your employees can fulfil their goals.

How open, for example, is the performance management system? And how hierarchical is the organization, as rigid team structures can be a major stumbling block to achieving diversity?

As you might expect, the Institute's research shows that individuals from different groups have diverse ambitions in terms of their job and career. For example, non-White managers seemed to have higher long-term aspirations than White managers, with 44 percent of Black and 41 percent of Asian managers aspiring to become CEOs, compared to just 16 percent of White managers.

With this in mind, it is important to outline a clear career path to applicants based on their hopes and aspirations. Highlight the processes in place to develop employees, and how the skills they gain will be relevant to pushing them up their chosen career ladder.

All these factors will impact on how successful you are at attracting the best, and most diverse, talent. Understanding that managers are not the same in the way they search for jobs and perceive their ambitions will give you the upper-hand in your recruitment drive.

Jo Causon
Director, marketing and corporate affairs
Chartered Management Institute

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body that is dedicated to management and leadership. It is committed to raising the performance of business, supporting and advising individuals and organizations, and to help tackle the management challenges you face on a daily basis.

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