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Behind closed doors, the scientists and agents of the FBI scrutinize fibers, poisons, explosives, DNA and just about any other shred of evidence that might help solve crimes.

They can't talk about specific cases they're working. Yet the work they're doing can put people behind bars or lead to major advances in crime-solving techniques.

As the FBI hits the 100-year-mark and continues to evolve to meet the demands of the world, CNN visited the state-of-the-art crime lab in Quantico, Virginia. It's the same lab that inspired the hit television series "CSI."

Dozens of experts from an array of fields work under one roof.

"I think that's what really made a name for the FBI lab," said Robert Fram, chief of the FBI's scientific analysis section. "We were able to get involved in a lot of very high-profile cases and get it done completely." Get a behind-the-scenes look at the lab Read full article »

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FBI at 100
CNN's "American Morning" looks at the transformation of the FBI as it turns 100,
6 a.m. ET Wednesday

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