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Nancy Grace Case Files

  • Nancy Grace Case Files
  • Court documents, arrest warrants, police reports, etc.
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Susan Williams:
Susan Williams Felony Complaint

Chelsea King:
John Albert Gardner Complaint
Jose Lopez Jasso Complaint
John Albert Gardner 2000 Sentecing Memo
John Gardner Probation Report 2000
John Gardner Gag Order

Amber Dubois
Search Warrant for Yahoo Account

Nancy Kerrigan's dad dies:
Family Statement on Autopsy Results
Police Report
Mark & Janet Kerrigan Lawsuit
Mark Kerrigan Criminal Record & Court Docs

Meccinna Dufore:
2009 Drug Case

Aja Johnson
Lester Hobbs Arrest Affidavit
Protective Order
Lester Hobbs 2000 Charges
Lester Hobbs 2001 Charges
Aja Litigation of Custody
Aja Custody Case
Aja Custody Motion

Gabriel Johnson:
Paternity Judgement
Appointment of Conference Provider
Elizabeth Johnson Indictment
Elizabeth Johnson Charges
Elizabeth Johnson Criminal Complaint
Elizabeth Johnson Police Reports
Gabriel Johnson Custody Documents

Tiger Woods:
Request for Investigative Subpoena
Child Services

Tiger Woods Accident Report
Traffic Ticket

Elizabeth Olten:
Entry of Appearance
Supplemental Request for Discovery
12/8/09 Docket Entry Sheet
12/8/09 Alyssa Bustamante Indictment
11/18/09 Murder Indictment
Order excusing Bustamante's appearance for status hearing

Charlie Sheen:
Affidavit Protection Order Arrest Summary
Motion to Dismiss Protection Order
Mueller Motion
Sheen Declaration
Order to Vacate
Joint Motion to Vacate
Emergency Motion to Modify Restraining Order
Press Release: Courthouse Security

Shaniya Davis:
Mario McNeill Arrest Warrants
Search Warrant
Mario McNeill Court Documents
Investigation Report
Autopsy Report

Quinn Gray:
Treatment Recommendation
Motion to Disqualify Judge
Order Denying Judge Motion

Jayme Austin
11/13/09 Press Release

Alleged Serial Killer
Anthony Sowell 1989 case documents

Balloon Boy:
Affidavit outlining alleged hoax

Annie Le Yale Murder Case
Suspect's court documents

Laura Matousek
Allan Pelcak Child Support Docs
Pelcak & Laura Matousek Real Estate Docs

5 Killed in Illinois Homicide
Press Release

Steve Nunn:
Steve Nunn Murder Arrest Warrant
Amended Protection Order
Contempt of Court Motion
Extended Protective Order
Steve Nunn Citation
Steve Nunn Complaint Summary
Nunn Pre-trial Order
Original Protective Order
Statement from Ross Family

Hasanni Campbell:
Search Warrant

Mom Goes to Bar, Leaves Tot in Street:
Tammy Medlin Charges

Karen Wright:
Divorce Petition & Protection Order Request

Lauren Story:
Lauren Story Complaint

Mom Allegedly Poisoned Breast Milk:
Sara Dillard Indictment

Asuncion Avila-Villa
Asuncion Avila-Villa indictment
Search Warrant

Jaycee Dugard
Letter notice of mental condition
Phillip Garrido 1977 federal trial - Part 1
Phillip Garrido 1977 federal trial - Part 2
Garrido FBI Manifesto
Record on appeal
Peterman lab report
Motion to reduce sentence
Lynn Gorow psych report
Response to motion to reduce sentence

Rocky Mount Killer:
Earnestine Battle Autopsy
Jackie Thorpe Autopsy
Taraha Nicholson Autopsy
Melody Wiggins Autopsy

Sex Salve Ring Bust:
News Release

Dalia Dippolito
Michael Dippolito Complaint
Conditions of pre-trial release
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Claim Deed

Michael Jackson:
Search Warrants: Home & Office of Dr. Murray
Jackson Doc's Houston Office Search Warrant!

Jackson Doc's Houston Storage Unit Search Warrant!
Petition to Authorize Family Allowance for Benefit of Minor Children
Petition to Authorize Allowance for Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson's estate objection
Michael Jackson's Will
Kids Custody Documents - Part 1
Kids Custody Documents - Part 2
Kids Custody Documents - Part 3
Kids Custody Documents - Part 4
Jackson Estate
LA County D.A. Release on Dr. Conrad Murray
People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray
Michael Jackson Cause of Death
Coroners Report Part 1
Coroners Report Part 2
Coroners Report Part 3
Coroners Report Part 4
Coroners Report Part 5
Coroners Report Part 6
Coroners Report Part 7
Coroners Report Part 8
Coroners Report Part 9

Miley Cyrus Stalker:
Stalker Arrest Report

Robert Manwill:
Coroner's Report

Darlene Haynes:
Police Press Release

Chris Brown:
Search Warrant Affidavit
Search Warrant Return

Couple's Meth Lab Busted:
Police Report
Akron Police Press Release on Meth Lab Arrests

Haleigh Cummings
Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
Martial Settlement Agreement
Misty Road Rage Incident Report|
Marital Settlement Agreement
Misty Road Rage Incident Report
Florida Spousal Privilege Law
Mystery Blond Haleigh Tipster Identified!
False Haleigh Rumors
Ronald Cummings Arrest Report
Croslin Police Report
Tommy Croslin Domestic Violence Police Report
Palatka Police Report
Arrest Report Part 4
Arrest Report Part 5
Arrest Report Part 6
Drug Arrest Photos
Tommy Croslin 2010 Burglary Report
Follow up press release on drug bust
Media Release with Booking Photos
Felony Arrest Warrants

Caylee Marie Anthony:

Motion for Sanctions
Motion to Compel DNA Bench Notes

Motion to Compel Copies of Screen Shots...
Motion to Restrict Disclosure
Motion for New Trial Date
Jury Questionairre
10/9 Motion 1
10/9 Motion 2
10/9 Motion 3
Fla. motion to compel reciprocal discovery
Motion to dismiss counts 1&2 "Legally Flawed"
Motion to dismiss due to spoilation of evidence
Response to evidence spoilation motion
Anthony Family Submits "New Evidence"
Motion to preclude death penalty procedures
Motion to dismiss indictment counts
New Discovery Highlights1
New Discovery Highlights2
New Discovery Highlights3
New Discovery Highlights4
New Discovery Highlights5
New 'evidence' from Anthonys' attorney
Motion to Certify Tim Miller as Material Witness
Motion to Bar Privileged Testimony from Leonard Padilla
New motion to compel

Caylee Anthony Autopsy Report

Caylee Anthony Forensic Report
FBI lab report on Caylee Anthony
Judge orders temporary stay of Caylee autopsy details
Anthony defense motion to seal jailhouse video
Tot mom attorneys file change of venue!
State to seek death penalty against Casey Anthony
Caught on Tape! Cindy Anthony Deposition!
Caught on Tape! George Anthony Deposition!
Tot mom defense files a motion seeking more phone records
Jail confiscates tot mom contraband
Questionnaire to tot mom: Do you know who killed caylee?
Death Penalty Lawyer Withdraws
Alleged Caylee sighting
Tot mom orders beauty products
New FBI lab results
Tot mom commissary items
Defense motion to produce favorable evidence
Defense: Tot mom wants to search in secret for Caylee
Alleged babysitter sues tot mom
Tot mom calls 911, begs for help
Arrest Affidavit #3
New tot mom charges
Grandpa battery report
Tot mom bonds
Anthony bail posted
Inmate History
Weekly Jail Menu
Anthony Search Warrant
State Attorney Media Release
Criminal Charges
Anthony bond order
Attorney Letter
Arrest Affidavit
Exhibit A - Part 1
Exhibit A - Part 2
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Deft's Motion for a Protective Order to Destroy Videos of Family Visits
Order Denying Deft's Motion to Dismiss
Protective Order Regarding Recording of Joe Jordan
Updated December 11 Docket
Motion for Protective Order
Second Motion to Compel Reciprocal Discovery
State's Response to Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
Body Farm Report
FBI Lab Report
Forensic Entemology
Denying the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
Exhibits to Support Change of Venue
Motion For Protective Order Prohibiting Videotaping Attorney Visits
2nd Amended Order on Deft's Motion for Protective Order
FL 2nd Motion to Compel Reciprocal Discovery
Motion to Modify Court RE: TX Equusearch
Motion to take Dep. To Perpetuate test of Jill Kerley
States Motion for Incamera Ex Parte Hearing
Motion Hearing: Deadlines & Trial Date
Denying Defendant's Motion to Preclude the Death Penalty Procedures

Christopher Coleman triple homicide case:
Wrongful death suit filed
Judge's Order on Joyce Meyer Ministries
Search Warrants Released
Probable Cause Affidavit

Drew Peterson:
Motion to Amend Contact
Peterson Indictment

Motion to Seal Discovery

'Craigslist' Murder:
'Craigslist' murder suspect booking documents

Shackled boy:
Criminal complaint

Missing Soldier:
Police Press Release (7/14/08)
Army Media Release (7/14/08)
Wimunc Arrest Warrant
Alden Arrest Warrant
Police Press Release (7/10/08)

Abandoned Baby:
Community Alert

Honeymoon Scuba Diving Death:
Coroner's Inquest

Father Denies Killing Children:
Criminal Complaint