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Six things not to do on a first date

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  • First dates with your hot crush can make a woman very nervous
  • But don't drink a lot and try to walk around on sky-high heels
  • Don't talk non-stop, but also bad to clam up or make up things
  • Picking at a salad is not attractive-- especially if you're drooling over his plate
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By Judy McGuire
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(The Frisky) -- The unthinkable has happened. He asked you out. The only guy who renders you speechless. The guy so smart, handsome and unbelievably hot you can do little more than blush and stutter in his presence. And now you're going out with him. Tomorrow. Hooray?

Picking at a salad when you really wanted steak is not a smart thing to do on a first date.

Picking at a salad when you really wanted steak is not a smart thing to do on a first date.

Your friends think it's cute that you're in such a panic, but you can't see any humor in the situation. Not only do you have to lose ten pounds, grow an extra cup size and somehow talk your mousey mop into looking like Jennifer Aniston's -- you have to do it all by tomorrow.

Oh, and you should probably also think about regaining your powers of speech. What to wear? What to smell like? What to do?

OK, I can't really help you with that, but here are a few things you definitely shouldn't do:

1. Introduce unfamiliar grooming regimens into your routine. Never had a Brazilian wax? Today's not the day to try it. Ditto to shelling out for that new, expensive, zit-zapping, wrinkle-eradicating, sun-damage-reversing miracle cleanser you read about in Allure. Sure, both of these things might work out well, but there's also the possibility you'll be left with festering scabs, ingrown hairs, or worse.

2. Wear those six-inch heels you bought on eBay, thinking they were Louboutins, but actually turned out to be regulation stripper footwear. Unless you're actually a stripper (or "Sex and the City's" Carrie Bradshaw), and know how to walk in sky-high heels, opt for a cute pair of more down-to-earth shoes that won't trip you up or give you blisters.

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3. Get liquored up first. I know you're tense, but guzzling three martinis before you meet him is not a good idea. You probably haven't eaten all day and the combination of stress, hunger and booze is not a good one. Because I'm not completely heartless, you can have up to one glass of wine. But no more. Promise me -- no more!

4. Not eat if you're on a dinner date. Women always think they look dainty picking at a small green salad with just a lemon wedge while their date plows through the surf & turf. Wrong. They just look sad, hungry and possibly eating disordered. Even if you're spazzing on the inside, skip the bunny food and order a normal human-sized meal.

5. Talk too much/clam up completely. Have you ever been seated next to a couple who you could immediately tell were on their first date? Painful, right? Either the conversation is peppered with long, awkward silences, or one of them is nattering on like a crazy person. You can't help it if he turns out to be one of those types, but you sure can keep yourself in check.

6. Play make-believe. When you drop lies designed to impress -- like claiming to be a Foucault scholar or are actually Johnny Cash's second cousin -- it's pretty much a given that you're going to get busted. Either your date will turn out to be some kind of philosophically minded smarty-pants and want to debate you, or he'll be Johnny Cash's third cousin, wondering why you weren't at the last family reunion.

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