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Ask just about any college student, and they'll tell you they'd jump through hoops to avoid taking a class that meets Fridays.

So, it was welcome news to students when Brevard Community College in Cocoa, Florida, decided to experiment with a four-day workweek. A year ago, as energy costs headed up and the school faced cuts in state funding, college President James Drake, who drives a hybrid, decided to give the shortened workweek a try.

It worked out better than anyone could have imagined, Drake says.

"If it weren't for the savings that we have netted from energy management and the four-day workweek, we would not have been able to do several of the vital things that are going to help us attract and retain even more students," Drake said.

Brevard Community College began the four-day workweek during the 2007 summer session. The following fall and spring, it added a half-day but then went back to the four-day work week again this summer. Are you working a four-day week? Read full article »

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