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Readers react to Clinton-Obama tiff

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  • Clinton, Obama war of words escalates
  • Candidates argue about who better understands black America
  • CNN readers "Sound Off" about mudslinging
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(CNN) -- They've been tussling since they first tossed their hats in the ring -- about health care, the war in Iraq, each other's breadth of experience.

Sen. Barack Obama accuses Sen. Hillary Clinton of racially insensitive remarks, which she denies.

Now, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama -- the leading Democrats in the race for the White House -- are arguing about who better understands black America.

Most recently, Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson, a Clinton supporter, appeared to attack Obama's past drug use (Johnson has denied the assertion.)

As the Clinton camp came under fire, former President Bill Clinton rushed to his wife's defense, saying he had a list of dozens of instances in which Obama has attacked Clinton in the last six months.

Last week, Obama said Clinton was "ill advised" when she said "it took a president" to pass the Civil Rights Act. Critics said Clinton was being dismissive of the Rev. Martin Luther King's role in realizing the act. The Clinton camp has accused its opponents of twisting the New York senator's words. Video Watch the latest in the war of words »

Below are a collection of readers' reactions to the bickering, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:


As a woman and a feminist, I am disturbed that Clinton would align herself with someone who built his fortune on the backsides of overexposed women shaking their stuff to the misogynistic sounds that pass for music on his former network.


Yay. 2008 is going to be the year of the racially charged battle of the sexes. Oh, and there may be a presidential election if there's time.


As a person of color who votes, I am appalled at Obama's statements about Clinton. What Clinton said was true. However, Obama misconstrued Clinton's statement to try to make Clinton look bad and try to make himself look good. That is a low blow and I would never vote for Obama and he was never going to get my vote anyway.


This nanny-nanny, no sir, yes sir @#*$ is unbecoming, unprofessional, uninspiring and embarrassing for the voters to have to listen to and read about. I'm referring to Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between. I would be thrilled to hear opponents talk only about issues, but I know I'll never see that in my lifetime.


I'm tired of the media trying to make something big out of nothing. I would rather have them put up videos of what EXACTLY Obama and Hillary said rather than try to find a source of a source of a source to make it sound as bad as possible for both of the candidates.


Barack Obama is NOT playing the race card. The Clintons stuck their foot in their mouth and refuse to simply and honestly take responsibility of their actions. Instead, they blame Obama. ABSURD!


I wish she would stop claiming her being elected president would be the biggest change ever because America would show that they are ready for a female president. Well, last I checked we have never had an African-American president either. Wouldn't electing Obama also show we are ready for change?


What I frankly don't understand is why even IF Mr. Johnson was referring to Obama's past foray into drugs, so what? Mr. Obama is the one who outed himself on that issue, so does he now expect nobody to ever mention it again?


I am ashamed of Bob Johnson. Anyone with any brains knew that he was referring to Obama's past drug use. Mr. Johnson, do not be a puppet for the Clintons. You know what you [were] referring to and it was not Sen. Obama's past volunteer work. Be a man about it and admit what you were speaking on instead of asking the public to believe something different. SHAME ON YOU, SIR!


I think many people have been waiting for the race card to be played, and so it was. Clinton took the bait -- hook, line and sinker. She stepped on the mine like she had snowshoes on. The race card is the the trump card of all trump cards. Clinton will forever have this fly paper on her hands, and her handlers never saw it coming. So sad... such ineptness.


Obama needs to put his big boy pants on and stop being such a crybaby. I'm not looking for a rock star. I'm looking for a president.


Democrats reading this type of news should not buy into it. There are much bigger issues out there. Don't let CNN try to drive the focus away from the more important debates and discussions that we should be having. Hillary and Barack are BOTH FANTASTIC, and both are getting a raw deal from a lazy media.



Why is this SO hard to understand? Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, some of us don't care if you're black or white, male or female. We don't care what high-power wielding, millionaire celebrity backs you. We care about what you're going to do for US. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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