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iReporters applaud Bill Clinton, Biden speeches

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(CNN) -- Former President Clinton dismissed critics who say Sen. Barack Obama is too inexperienced for the presidency in his speech to the Democratic National Convention.

iReporter Clayton Anderson says he liked ex-President Clinton's comparison between 2008 and his run in 1992.

On Wednesday night, Clinton rallied support for Obama by drawing comparisons between his candidacy in 1992, reminding the audience that "Republicans said I was too young and too inexperienced to be commander in chief."

His message seemed to resonate with many iReport contributors, and the majority of responses about the night's speeches were positive.

Clinton "showed that being young is not necessarily being inexperienced or not being ready to lead," said iReporter Jordan Sarver of Athens, Georgia, who also commented on Sen. Edward Kennedy's appearance Monday. Watch the full commentary

Clayton Anderson of Savannah, Georgia, said the parallel that Clinton drew between Obama and himself was "most important aspect" of the speech.

"I think we all know how productive and positive the Clinton administration was for Americans," Anderson said.

Some viewers praised Clinton's attacks on Republicans' record.

"He ripped the mask off the face of the Republicans," said Caroline of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, who also commented on Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night.

Republicans "are so good at defining the Democrats, that was nice to give them a taste of their own medicine," Caroline said.

"President Clinton ... tied John McCain to the current state of affairs and urged Democrats and Americans to elect Obama as president of the U.S. to avert four more years of the same policies," said Prince Nicholas Zu of Silver Spring, Maryland.

"In my view, the Obama train just left Springfield, Illinois, en route to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and anyone, especially the McCain campaign, who had hoped President Clinton was not going to be onboard must be really disappointed," Zu added.

Vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden earned some supporters among iReporters with his convention speech Wednesday night.

"While I admit to being very apprehensive about the Biden selection ... after tonight, I'm sold," said an iReporter named nacprof.

"Obama and Biden make a formidable team; I almost feel sorry for McCain and whomever come the debates -- I said 'almost,' " nacprof said.

iReporter Zennie Abraham, one of the 128 credentialed bloggers attending the convention, had wanted Hillary Clinton to be Obama's running mate but is now backing Biden.

In addition to Biden having "extensive foreign policy experience," Abraham said he also is "authentic." "You don't have to worry about which Joe Biden you're going to get on which day. He is a person that speaks with honesty and trust. A person you can believe in."

In his speech, the senator from Delaware took digs at McCain's positions, from taxes to alternative energy.

"Joe Biden found his footing and drove home the message: We need change," iReporter Tim Grimes said.

David P. Kronmiller, who has submitted iReports for each day of the convention, said he felt that Biden effectively reached out to blue-collar America. "I think he gave a heartfelt speech that was appealing to the heartland, to those blue-collar voters people keep on talking about," he said.

Shelly Riemer, who has supported Biden since he ran for president in this year's primaries, said his speech "wasn't as polished and inspiring" as Hillary Clinton's. "He stumbles over his words a bit, and that's fine by me as long as he has the intelligence and broad vision that a leader needs. And I believe he does," she said.

Below are additional responses from contributors, some of which have been edited for length and clarity:

iReporter rrappstate: This convention represents a milestone in hypocrisy. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have all outlined the shortcomings of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate. For those so called leaders to now extol the virtues of this man is an insult to the nation they claim to love. I challenge any of them to show what has changed in the last three months that makes him more qualified today than when they made those comments!

Oscar98: While not as powerful as Hillary's speech, Biden's speech was grass-roots American and spoke to the single weakness the Republicans want to highlight in this election: foreign policy. What better way to defuse those worries at the beginning than to have the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee show the instances in which McCain was wrong and Obama was right. Whereas Hillary spoke to our hearts, Joe spoke to our minds. Outstanding job, Joe.

Skippers: Last night Bill Clinton and Joe Biden said Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States and Barack Obama is the right man for the job. After all the speeches as of today, I am proud to say the Democratic Party is united as one.

CensoredNews: People are ready for change, and Clinton's great speech, along with the other great speeches this week from Hillary, VP nominee Joe Biden, his son Beau Biden, Michelle Obama and others has opened many people's eyes that the Bush/Cheney years are behind us now. ... McCain being just more of the same is even more obvious now.

SickOFSlick: I find it hard to believe people can cheer this man who brought shame to the presidency, lied repeatedly to the very people that elected him and is nothing but a lowlife womanizer wasting precious air on this planet.

I am just amazed that in a few short years, people can forget all this, should not matter whether you are a [Democrat] or [Republican]. It's about morals, or in Clinton's case, lack of. Could not even stand to watch it, had to turn on the Weather Channel. God help us all if the Democrats win.

Adriana Maxwell: Joe Biden hit all the right notes. Not one out of place. He is the best choice for Barack Obama and for this country. He went after John McCain and wasn't shy about it. ... CNN pundits, get over it. I listened to the speech, and the best part was him going after McCain. Biden set the campaign on a path of turning back the tide. Biden gets the job done, although sometimes here in Delaware we duck heads when he goes too far. He did a great job.

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