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Five questions: Cindy Adams

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  • Gossip columnist says too many people "thought they were important" in Denver
  • "I just want McCain to have an equal shot" like Obama, Adams says
  • Adams also shares her thoughts on Sarah Palin and the election's outcome
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ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) -- After rubbing shoulders with Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Charlize Theron and Charles Barkley at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, New York Post celebrity gossip columnist Cindy Adams jetted off to "one of the dullest towns in America," according to her latest column, to sniff out politically-inclined celebs in St. Paul.

"I wouldn't know [Sarah Palin] from an Alaskan salmon!" columnist Cindy Adams says.

"I wouldn't know [Sarah Palin] from an Alaskan salmon!" columnist Cindy Adams says.

What does John McCain running mate Sarah Palin have in common with an Alaskan salmon? And who will win November? Just a few of the five questions we put to the woman famous for knowing famous people over dinner at the CNN Grill. First things first: Celebrity-wise, does the Republican convention compare to Denver?

Adams: It doesn't. It can't compare, because Hollywood is very left-wing. And there were so many celebrities in Denver. Everywhere you looked, you fell over somebody who thought they were important. Here, not. Is that a good or bad thing?

Adams: It makes for more excitement. It makes for more media attention. J.Lo, you got Spike Lee, you got Ashley Judd. They're all schlepping around thinking they're saving the world, see, thinking they're saving mankind. You don't have that here. What do you hope to accomplish by attending this convention?

Adams: I would like to help McCain have a fine election. I would like to wave my flag. I'm a patriotic red, white and blue flag-waving American. If this is our system, then I want it to work. And I just want McCain to have an equal shot just like [Barack] Obama did. What are your thoughts on McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin?

Adams: I don't know! I don't know this woman! I mean I wouldn't know her from an Alaskan salmon. None of us knew her. it's going to take six months to figure out what she does other than make mooseburgers! I do not know this lady. I'm sure she's wonderful. I'm not bright enough to have made a vice presidential pick. But it's going to take us six months to know who she is. Right now, I don't like the fact that she mispronounces "I"-raq and "I"-ran. If she would say Iraq and Iran, I would be happier. Any thoughts on who will win in November?

Adams: Of course, I'm right here at the Republican Convention, and I'm picking up [on] what they're saying, obviously. I sort of think that when it finally gets down to it, not everybody in Middle America is going to press the lever for Obama. I just don't think he's ready. I sort of think there will be upset. But I'm picking up the vibes from the Republican convention.

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