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Lula Easterling and her friend Bill Hardenburgh have voted Democrat all their lives. But browsing through a pile of Sarah Palin t-shirts, baseball caps and other merchandise as they wait to gain access to the Republican vice-presidential candidate's campaign rally in Fredericksburg, the pair admit next week they will be casting their votes elsewhere.

"We're here to show our support for John McCain and Sarah Palin," Easterling tells me. "We like their strategy on the economy and everything they say. He's an honest man, he doesn't lie and she's the same."

Most of all though, Easterling doesn't like Barack Obama. "I'm scared to death of him," she admits. "I'm scared of what he stands for, the whole nine yards. He hangs with the terrorists and he lies. He never tells the truth and he's a flip-flopper. He's not to be trusted." Read full article »

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