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Lindsay Lohan received an exclamation point on her terrible 2007 at the 28th annual Golden Raspberry Awards on Saturday morning, with her film "I Know Who Killed Me" earning a record eight Razzies -- including three for Lohan herself.

"I Know Who Killed Me," a thriller the Razzie organizers described as a cross between "the 'Hostel'/'Saw' genre of 'teen torture porn' and ... the old 'Patty Duke Show,' " picked up Razzies for worst director, worst screenplay, worst excuse for a horror movie, worst remake or rip-off, worst screen couple (Lohan's portrayal of two identical-looking characters), worst actress (two trophies for a tie between Lohan and Lohan) and worst film of the year.

"I Know Who Killed Me's" achievement surpassed -- if that's the correct word -- the seven Razzies won by "Showgirls" (1995) and "Battlefield Earth" (2000). Read full article »

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