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A Navy team including some 200 industry experts and scientists has been working furiously since January to modify the Aegis air-defense missile system so it can shoot down a failed satellite officials say could fall to Earth, a Pentagon official told CNN.

The Pentagon said the U.S. Navy plans to try to shoot down a faulty spy satellite with a modified anti-missile missile on Wednesday. It would be the first such maneuver in more than two decades -- and the first ever using sea-based missiles.

Without any intervention, officials believe the 5,000-pound secret spy satellite would fall to Earth on its own in early March. Because it malfunctioned immediately after it was launched in December 2006, it has a full tank -- about 1,000 pounds -- of frozen, toxic hydrazine propellant on board. Read full article »

CNN's Jamie McIntyre and Miles O'Brien contributed to this report.

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