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Mathieu Kassovitz is an actor and director whose work ranges from French art house to Hollywood blockbuster. CÚdric Klapisch is a director whose latest film "Paris" is a tribute to the city and its residents. My City, My Life got them together to talk about the city that is both their home and inspiration.

Mathieu Kassovitz: So Cedric, you have just finished directing a movie called Paris; you've been around the world shooting in every town and you decided to stop and come back to where you belong: why?

CÚdric Klapisch: Because Paris is my city and because I feel like you can describe well where you live and where your home is. I feel like, when I shoot a movie in Paris I know how it works and how people react and how it is to be in the streets around here and it's just that, the more I film Paris, the more I know how to film Paris.

Mathieu Kassovitz: So it's not just the buildings?

CÚdric Klapisch: It's not only the fact that it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it's really because I feel good here and I feel like that there's something happening right now where there is more creativity than before. Read full article »

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