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Meg, 33, has lived in Paris for about three and a half years, where she works as a health policy researcher. Originally from Kansas in America's Midwest, she moved to the city for love. While her relationship didn't last, her affair with Paris did. Her blog, Le Blagueur à Paris, covers the city's culture and food. She also writes for travel blog Gridskipper.

CNN: Hi Meg. What made you start blogging about the city of romance?

Meg: I found that chatting with friends and family in the Midwest I was struggling to convey the small details of life which make up the bulk of one's experience in any place. So I started to communicate those little stories and descriptions to friends and family back home. I never had any intention to be a proper blogger or to get into travel writing but it got picked up by the editor of a site called Expatica in a round-up of her favourite blogs. All of a sudden I had a lot of people from England and Germany coming to my site and my readership grew.

CNN: What do you enjoy writing about the most?

Meg: I like to write as somebody who is still experiencing the city in a new way. Read full article »

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