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Sephora is much more than just a make-up shop: It's a shrine to the healing powers of beauty products, complete with friendly assistants who can't wait to work their magic on you.

It seems like there's one of these on just about every corner of Paris, which is a godsend if your face needs a top up. Make-up junkies who stumble across the giant Sephora on the Champs Elysee will think they have died and gone to heaven. You can play with Dior mascara, Chanel foundation and YSL blusher to your heart's content. No one's going to tell you off -- this kind of behavior is encouraged.

France is famous for its perfumes, but why smell the same as everyone else? Bespoke scent is the latest thing for the loaded. The House of Jean Patou's Parfum-Couture service will set you back 50,000 euros. Other top-end brands are similarly exclusive: Cartier (60,000 euros) and Guerlain (30,000 euros). Read full article »