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In December 2000 Guy Ritchie married an American pop singer by the name of Madonna Ciccone, and in doing so became one of the world's most talked about movie directors.

As soon as he began dating Madonna he became the subject of tabloid gossip and the prey of voracious paparazzi more interested in his love life than his movies. But by that time Ritchie had already made a name for himself as the man who had breathed life back into the British crime movie.

Born in Hatfield in Hertfordshire, England, in 1968, and brought up in south London, Ritchie's dyslexia meant he was unsettled at school, leaving education at the age of 15.

He worked in menial jobs until he was 25, when a school friend who was directing commercials took on Ritchie as a runner. Ritchie went on to make commercials and pop videos, before directing the 1995 short film "The Hard Case".

His first full-length film "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" exploded onto the big screen in 1998. A convoluted crime caper about four cockney "geezers" getting involved with London gangsters, it was brash, stylish, violent and funny. Read full article »

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