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Three Americans rescued last week from captivity in the Colombian jungle left a medical center for their homes Saturday, hoping for some time out of the spotlight as they reconnect with loved ones.

Keith Stansell, Marc Gonsalves and Thomas Howes -- hostages of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia for more than five years -- left the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas.

"There's family members that are waiting for us, and just imagine if you hadn't seen your family in 5 years," Stansell said, asking the media to allow the former captives some space. "Let us go home and be family men again."

"We're going to come out and we're going to talk, but right now, what we want to do is rest," Gonsalves said.

All three were headed home to Florida, and Stansell and Howes flashed their new Florida driver's licenses before they boarded a plane. Read full article »

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