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Prince Harry and the media: Your views

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LONDON, England (CNN) -- News that Britain's Prince Harry had been deployed to Afghanistan since December was kept secret by many news outlets for security reasons. A Web site broke the news blackout Thursday. We have been appealing for your views on the news blackout. The following are a selection of your replies:

I am very surprised and impressed at the media's ability to keep Prince Harry's deployment under wraps for 10 weeks. I do not believe the general public has the "right to know" every detail of any individual's life. Where did we change into such an exploitive society instead of one where there was some discretion and common sense. Regardless of whether you believe he should be there, good for the media in giving him a small opportunity to live a normal life. I wish it hadn't been an American web site to break the story!
Robin Brekke, Colorado, United States

I think the secret of Prince Harry's escapade should have been sustained 'til completion of his mission. My candid advice is that he be sent back home immediately.
Tony, Nigeria

Hi there I am from Durban South Africa -- I don't see the problem with the media leaking the story. Harry has always been the down to earth Royal and one of the boys. His life is just as valuable As the soldiers he is with. He is a son of the UK and must do his duty just like everyone else.
Colleen, Durban, South Africa

The media was right in keeping Prince Harry's assignment in Afghanistan, a secret. But I think its been a little too hasty in breaking the news before he returned home.
Harish Soni, Bangalore, India

There is nothing new about British Royal family ties with its military. First it is Oxford education and then it is Sandhurst. What is new is that CNN is overplaying the story. There is a limit to it. Even the BBC was less enthusiastic. In the first place why deploy Harry in risky spots. It can't be a secret for too long. When the cat is out of the bag, now move Harry out. I guess it is image for Harry in Afghanistan to show the British public and world that if the Royal can, why not others. The British commander has no choice but to praise Harry for his "exemplary" conduct in Afghanistan within 3 months.
Valentine Anthony, Baguio City, Philippines

The media was correct in keeping the story a blackout; what is appalling is how much they're running with it now. Prince Harry's life is certainly in danger now more than ever and his life interrupted by the spotlight once again. The media's behavior is as noble as those of vultures.
CKL, Austria

The media have every right to disclose and report the most responsible and brave act of prince Harry. If it was not for the media, non of us would have known his brave heart. His action tells us that, being royal is more than just staying in palaces. I hope other blue blood people will follow his foot steps.
Fadhili, Beijing, China

Dear Kristie Lu Stout, Of course the media were right to keep Prince Harry's whereabouts a secret! This is not some trivial matter like where he was on holiday, but a sensitive matter of security for him and the soldiers for whom he's responsible. It galls me to think certain media think their security is less important than selling papers or earning ad revenue. In case they've forgotten there's still a war going on there! I admire Harry for his dedication to his troops and country, as well as his family's support for his activities. By the way, I am against the war, was from the outset, but as they're there, they need to try clean things up, make life safer for the besieged local Afghans, and help get the country back on its feet.
Kate Bramwell Jarvis, Hong Kong

There are two sides to the issue. One, journalists must respect news embargo rules. Its been there with us all the time and Prince Harry's case was no exception. Two: Every citizen has a right to information and so if Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan then every Briton who pays tax for the upkeep of the Royal family. A war is not a trial and error venture and we all know that its about life and death. Prince Harry could have been involved in fatal crossfire and the UK government would have been at pains to explain what happened and why they were kept in the dark. We all know that not everybody will be convinced!
Onyango James - Nairobi Kenya

Good day, It is gratifying to see that a British Royal is prepared to honor his country's military commitments. As an American, I would like to know whether there are any sons or daughters of American Senators and Congressmen serving in combat roles in the Middle East. Kind regards and many thanks for the years of excellent reporting that you have brought to us.
Peter Cloutier, Geneva, Switzerland

From my personal opinion, I think the secrecy of Prince Harry's deployment in Afghanistan is one of the smartest thing that the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Family have done. The media black out is a right thing to do in that particular moment because the media are the best source of information for the Taliban. Harry' s passion in the military only shows that he is not the Harry that is being portrayed in the papers as the "Dirty Harry," this proves that he's already a full grown man at all. This young royal has heart for his county men and for mankind. It is such a brave act to fulfill his duties in the middle of nowhere. The people stands by you, Prince Harry.
Elle Castaņeda, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines

The story about the prince seems orchestrated, he is sighted in a rather peaceful FRONTLINE. why the fuss? what about combatant soldiers who have been there long time some dead and others still living,guess as ordinary people they deserve no coverage like the prince,what a pity celebrating royals and down playing the lives of the real heroes(the combatant soldier).
Clifford Chuku, Rivers State, Nigeria

The media was a bit insensitive to have disclosed the Prince deployment because that has precariously placed him at the precipice.
Chuka Onyemenam, Nigeria

I think that the media should be more tactful in its reporting and at least wait until the Prince finishes his tour of duty. Disclosing this information now, not only puts the Prince at risk, but also that of the other soldiers he is deployed with. This may cause a bounty hunt or escalation on random attacks on the military forces in Afghanistan with the hope they strike lucky.

I am an American and an ex-soldier. Therefore, I will be polite ... The media has compromised Harry's safety, and the safety of his men. There is a resulting benefit in increased patriotism for the British people, but at what cost? Harry's life?
Bill Quigley, U.S.

Prince Harry IS in Afghanistan, but do you really think he's been put in the front line? I don't think so. In the video clip where he`s firing a machine gun, he's not even aiming at anything.
Nigel, Wales, UK


I do think that the media is to blame for revealing that prince was deployed, he might be the next target by militias.
Dave Kigen, Kenya

Its great credit to the media that they protected the safety of all of our service men and women and our Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan to uphold peace by not running any stories on this topic for as long as they did.
Marcelle von Wendland, London, UK E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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