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(CNN) -- CNN's global network of affiliates will be providing dispatches from their countries on the Olympics. The aim is to give viewers around the world what the Olympic pulse is in various nations.

Sri Lanka's sprinting champion Susanthika Jayasinghe.

A sampling:

Sri Lanka ready to 'go for gold'

The South Asian island nation has named four women and three women to the team that will compete in Beijing. (Full story)

Mediaset: Italians not captured by the Olympic dream

Football will always be No. 1 in Italy, and the wider issues surrounding the Olympics and China haven't found as much play as perhaps they should. (Full story)

SF Sport: Football first in Switzerland

Switzerland has Roger Federer. They helped developed the "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadium in Beijing. But for the Swiss, the Olympics are in second place for the time being. It's all about the European Football Championships. (Full story)

Don't Miss

TV Asahi: Eyes of Japan on Beijing

The sky above Beijing is getting smaller. It's an impression shared by all TV Asahi reporters who have known the city for a long time. A view of the sun setting into a vast plain is now a scene from the past. (Full story)

ART TV: Sri Lanka aims to punch above its weight

The relatively small nation of Sri Lanka has 20 million people and two Olympic medals to its credit. Their medal hopes this year rest on a woman who won a bronze eight years ago. (Full story)

Seven Network: Australia prepares to 'give it a go'

If Australia could compete in an Olympic Games at the end of every month, it would be a happier nation. Australians love sport -- and are good at it. Astonishingly good. (Full story)

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