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True or False: Coal

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(CNN) -- True or False: The world has enough proven coal reserves to last for the next 100 years.

The answer is: FALSE

Contrary to traditional beliefs the world may have less coal than previously thought. New data from the Energy Watch Group -- a coalition of scientists from around the world -- says that instead of the world having 100 years' worth of coal reserves, the reality is we only have about another 20 years' worth.

It is now forecast that after a peak of 30% above current production levels, that coal production will plateau and then decline from 2025.

It is believed this situation has been driven by increased global consumption and in many countries, outdated statistics on proven coal reserves. The most up-to-date data from China, for example was issued as far back as 1992.

The vast majority of the world's coal reserves -- 85% -- can be found in just 6 countries. These are the U.S, China, Russia, India, Australia and South Africa. The largest coal producing nation by far is China.

(Source: New Scientist; Energy Bulletin)

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