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Mumbai's police chief said Tuesday that he never received a warning of an impending seaborne attack on his city.

"[The warning] that terrorists could arrive by sea was from an intelligence report of last year that only said terrorists could attack Gujarat or industries in the south," Hasan Gafoor said.

Mumbai is in Maharashtra state, which borders Gujarat state.

Indian security forces have told CNN that U.S. officials warned the Indian government in New Delhi on two occasions about a waterborne attack in Mumbai. And according to a U.S. counterterrorism official, New Delhi was warned about a potential maritime attack on Mumbai at least a month before last week's massacre, in which at least 179 people were killed.

The area entered a higher state of alert for a week, including tightened security measures at hotels, but those efforts were eventually reduced, Indian officials said. Read full article »

CNN's Ram Ramgopal, Harmeet Shah Singh and Nic Robertson contributed to this report.

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