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Best of Quest

  • Story Highlights
  • "Best of Quest" revisits some of the highlights of the show during 2007
  • Quest learned to dance with Patrick Swayze, learned to rock with Nikki Sixx
  • Quest tackled the plight of the environment, met peacemakers Gorbachev, Carter
  • Travels also gave Quest a taste for adventure as he tackled a Himalayan summit
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By Matt Percival, Producer
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(CNN) -- This month, Richard Quest takes a break from life on the road, to look back at some of the Quest show's high points from 2007 -- it was another year of unforgettable encounters, in far-flung places.


Richard meets U.S. President Jimmy Carter during Quest for Peace.

The year began with a search for poise and rhythm -- the art of dancing. We soon discovered that Quest was no Fred Astaire. Yet, with the help of some of the world's best movers and shakers, he managed to Cha Cha and Rumba his way onto the television phenomenon "Dancing with the Stars", in front of 10,000 people.

On his journey towards this terrifying finale, inspiration came from award-winning choreographer Twyla Tharp and Patrick Swayze, the actor who will always be known for dirty dancing. Video Quest for dance »

Back in March, the show turned its attention to the plight of the environment. With the likes of Al Gore campaigning his way to a Noble Peace Prize, Quest set out to grapple with some of the key issues. For that, he travelled to the forests of Cameroon, in the heart of the Congo Basin -- indigenous people, wildlife and logging companies all compete for dwindling resources and as Quest discovers, time is running out. Video Watch Quest for the environment »

On Quest for Rock 'n' Roll, it became clear that the music was only part of the story -- it's what lies behind it, that's equally important. It is a genre that speaks of freedom and rebellion -- an important voice to challenge the status quo. This spirit was perfectly epitomized by movie actress Juliette Lewis who has swapped Hollywood for a life on the road with her band. There is, of course, a dark side to the industry that couldn't be ignored -- Nikki Sixx of the 80s band Motley Crue, gave us a fascinating insight into the self-destructive nature of the cliched lifestyle that so nearly killed him. Video Watch Quest for rock 'n' roll »

When it came to getting answers about the Oscar campaign in 2007, Hollywood's red carpets were the perfect hunting ground. Throughout the long award season, Quest met many of the stars for whom it has, would or will mean so much to win one of those coveted gold statues. It was though, an afternoon tea with Jeremy Irons that gave the best insight into the magic of "Oscar." Video Watch Quest for Oscar »

Best of Quest airs Saturday February 9 at 0700, 1500 and 2000; and Sunday January 27 at 0700 and 2000 ALL TIMES GMT

November took Quest on a journey to meet the extraordinary men and women who dedicate their lives to promoting world peace. He met former leaders like Jimmy Carter and Mikhail Gorbachev and joined the UN's peace-keeping forces on the streets of Timor-Leste. Video Watch Quest for peace »

Among the celebrity activists, actress Mia Farrow has put her name, reputation and personal safety firmly on the frontline, to help end the bloody tribal conflict in Sudan's Darfur region -- she is testament to what one passionate individual can achieve to bring hope to those blighted by war.

The final part of the show tackles the concept of exploration. Frostbite, exhaustion and broken bones are just some of the perils endured by the great explorers as they go to the ends of the Earth to further our knowledge. The unique make-up of people like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sylvia Earle and Mike Horn, is what turns ordinary men and women into human machines. It turns our normal curiosity into their insatiable drive to discover. Video Watch Quest for exploration »

Eager for his own adventure, Quest takes off to the Himalayas of Tibet in search of a remote monastery, 4,500 meters in the sky. Despite having experienced Chinese explorer Wong How Man by his side, we wonder whether Quest will be able to face up to the harsh realities of an explorer's life? Find out in this month's Best of Quest. E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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