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(CNN) -- Economic worries were the main topic of conversation among CEOs and politicians at the start of the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos, and it seems to be one of the top issues on your minds, too.


Talking heads at the World Economic Forum: Add your voice to the debates at Davos.

People across the world have been taking part in this year's event, giving their opinions through YouTube's The Davos Question and on our coverage of the event.

Are we entering a period of global recession or is it just an economic slowdown? What do you think the World Economic Forum should focus on? Do you think it does any good?

Also, as CEOs, policy makers and politicians discuss how to remedy the global financial crisis, fears are rising that short-term solutions to the problems may leave economies with a greater financial hangover than to begin with. CNN correspondent Richard Quest put the question to the viewers, asking them for a cure to a Davos hangover, be it financial or otherwise.

You can have your say by using the Sound off feature at the bottom of our articles, or post pictures or videos using the I-Report form.

Below are a selection of your comments so far.

The hype of Davos does not present a desired image to the world...something is wrong. I sense that Davos reinforces the fears of a large majority of the world's population...that the large corporations are in possession of excessive power. When you see world leaders attending what is essentially a business convention, does this not suggest that governments are in the pockets of the corporations and not, first and foremost, representing the people that elected them? Many see the social and environmental discussions that may take place at Davos as token and meaningless.
Ronald Barbour, Vancouver, Canada

I very keenly watched your Davos discussion on the U.S. economy, it is very interesting to see that all CEOs were saying U.S. economy has slowed down, while all bankers were saying U.S. economy has gone into recession.
Tejender Singh Sabharwal, New Delhi, India

I do not know what the CEOs expect to achieve from Davos, save a whole load of rhetoric. It is amazing how politicians are warily avoiding the word recession but putting up a stimulus package and cutting the federal rate. This will weaken the dollar and cause inflation. This syndrome effect being manifested is a sign of world corporate greed which has affected us all, through weak retail sales, subprime defaulters and poor manufacturing data as Todd Benjamin has frequently mentioned on CNN.

Better distribution of wealth is the answer to the crisis. Although parts of the markets have re-adjusted, the ailment will not disappear and will recur within a short period. Although I am not an Ivy League economist, the picture is quite clear in my perspective and we are in for a rough ride.
Robert Bannerman, Accra, Ghana

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The global corporate leaders and policy makers must stop the complacency and procrastination that have infected the economic health of the world. A greater transparency must be employed while regulatory agencies ever present to keep things in check and of course ring the warning bells to avoid spirally downward events from occurring.
Suraj Tekwani

As an ex-pat living in Germany for the last 4 years, I have watched with growing concern the steep slide of the value of the U.S. dollar. When I retired in 2004, I could change $1000 for €870. Today, I receive only €675 Euros! A huge drop in buying power when one considers annual rate of inflation. Therefore, I think for me the slowdown in the U.S. economy and confidence in the dollar is a lot older problem that the current real estate crises.
Curry Walker, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Davos hangover cures

The best cure for a hangover is honey, you can lick it. You can also have pork. If you can't have all that, then you have to regulate the way you drink.
Philip Oketa, Uganda

A hot bath, hot chocolate and watching Jenny on TV promising sunny weather ahead!
Sandeep Iyengar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Flying a mono-seater plane and taking a DEEP breath at 3000m altitude.
Ivan Ivanovic, Fribourg, Switzerland

A very hot bath!
Emilia Nasim, Nigeria, West Africa

Usually I try to avoid what gave me the hangover. So in this case, I plan on avoiding the media until I feel better about the economy!
Brian Bickel, Darmstadt, Germany

Mango pickle is the best remedy for a hangover!!
Ramki Krishnan, Germany


The best thing for a global financial hangover is an episode of your favorite show: "Quest" for the sun, the best holiday locations.
Mark J. Weaver

The cure for a Davos hangover...keep drinking!!
Peter Leos, Melbourne, Australia E-mail to a friend E-mail to a friend

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