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Your dreams and inspirations

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  • Many dreamers hoped for political and economic change in their nations
  • Some people had dreams for specific groups such as orphans and the sick
  • Others dreamt of personal career success and for the success of their children
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By Brigid Delaney
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When we asked you last week to share your dreams with us, some of the most inspiring responses came from the world's poorest countries.

Many said the campaign to end poverty and disease in their regions motivated them, while others dreamt of travel, fame, riches and love.

People in developing nations dreamt of the end of poverty and disease in their regions

Felix Aburairobi, Kenya, East Africa suggested that "G-8 and other developed countries should forgive all third world countries' debts to enable us industrialize and grow."

Benson Barasa in Nairobi has dreamt "many times to be a volunteer in health matters to those in need worldwide. I enjoy working with people."

While Adrian Novak of Romania wished for "no visas, no borders, no war!"

Others are inspired by dreams of a better life. Kenneth Muthungu of Kenya said "day to day challenges I face make me work harder so that the next generation will afford what we term as luxury today."

Edward Wamugu is also inspired by family: "mostly by my dad who has in the past gone out of his way to make sure we live a comfortable life and also the desire to make it."

Nigel wanted to "play an outstanding role in uniting the world into one constituency where peace, equity and justice reign. A united world where citizenship is not defined by geographic boundaries. It is my desire to work all over the world with all races to tackle global problem like global warming."

Vincent of Kenya was inspired by sport. He wrote: "I want to see Barcelona play live and shake the hand of their coach."

Others had career dreams. Ji Ho Park of Brighton, England wanted to be a "chairman of big media group."

David Akin-Williams of Portugal said, "My dream is to be a highly devoted career businessman with good international business concepts and relations. I hope to become indispensable in matters relating to IT and technology because this is what inspires me."

Another said; "My dreams are to start a Centrex to help less fortunate and orphans. I would like my journey to take me to America to meet Oprah Winfrey. I'm driven by the will to help and inspired by Oprah especially how she helped the two girls from Rwanda settle and unite them back with their parent."


It's dreams that have driven some of our guests on Spirit of... such as adventurer Reinhold Messner, or philanthropists such as Muhammad Yunus.

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