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If Rob Spence achieves his goal, technology will change his view of the world -- literally.

Spence, who lost an eye in a childhood accident, is in the process of installing a tiny camera into his prosthetic eye. He announced his plan last year, and now he's a step closer to fulfilling his aim.

"It's been an expensive and laborious process to make this thing. But fortunately we have leveraged the right people and have a working prototype," he says.

A documentary filmmaker based in Toronto, Spence wants to use the wireless camera in his eye to make films and examine where "recorded image and video intersect with humanity." Although, he says, the prototype containing delicate electronics isn't ready for frequent use yet.

Spence, who calls himself the "eyeborg," is the latest example of the convergence of human and machine. No longer restricted to the realm of sci-fi novels and movies, technology is increasingly being integrated into the living body. Read full article »

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