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Getting to Andorra, a tiny country wedged in the mountains between France and Spain, is no easy feat. No airport, no train station, and the nearest city Toulouse is at least a 2 hour drive away.

Perhaps that's part of the secret of this tiny principality high up in the Pyrenees Mountains: that its quiet isolation has created a relatively stress-free life-style which has made them the world champions in the global longevity sweepstakes, at least according to the latest U.S. Census Department estimates.

The average Andorran today can expect to live at least 85 years -- longer than anywhere else on the planet.

Meeting Andorrans from all walks of life, it soon becomes clear that the concept of living longer was not on everyone's mind, but the idea of living well and living healthy came up in nearly every conversation.

From doctors in town to the elderly shepherd in the mountains, they speak of eating good natural food and of the exercise which comes naturally in walking up and down the hillsides. Read full article »

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