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(CNN Student News) -- August 18, 2009

Public Option Debate
Do you think that a government-run health care plan should be included in any health care reform measures passed by Congress? Why or why not?

Media Literacy Question of the Day

If you were producing a news report on the health care reform debate, what elements would you include and why? What sources would you use to research your report?

Chicago Furloughs
What do you think are the drawbacks and benefits of Chicago's employee furlough days, both for the city and for its employees?

Souring Milk Prices
What options do you think that American dairy farmers might consider to address the economic struggles that they are currently facing?

National Park Stimulus
What impact, if any, do you think that scheduled repair projects might have on attendance at U.S. national parks?

In your opinion, should federal stimulus funds be used to improve national parks? Why or why not?

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