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6 job blogs you should be reading

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  • A lot of career information is available to job seekers on the Internet
  • Some of the most important, timely content can be found in blogs
  • One blog focuses on blending or changing career paths
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By Patrick Erwin writer
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The CAREEREALISM blog was created by noted career strategist and consultant J.T. O'Donnell.

Author Penelope Trunk shares career advice on the Brazen Careerist blog.

There's a great deal of career information available to job seekers on the Internet. And some of the most important, timely content can be found in blogs.

General work blogs, like's The Work Buzz, cover a wide array of topics and trends and give readers resources to help them search for a new job.

Here are six other blogs that are filled with compelling content and sound advice for today's jobseekers and workers.

1. Personal Branding

About the blog: Writer Dan Schwabel has written extensively about personal branding. "Personal branding is how we market ourselves to others," Schwabel explains. His blog looks at ways to solidify "Brand You", including extensive information on social networking. He's also written an upcoming book, "Me 2.0," on the subject.

Why you should read this blog: Though much of the information is geared towards the Generation Y audience, it's important information for job seekers of any age. Having great skills and a great résumé isn't enough -- job seekers need to know how to package and promote themselves and their abilities.

2. Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

About the blog: Columnist and author Penelope Trunk shares career advice as well as professional observations and personal experiences.

Why you should read this blog: Trunk's advice isn't sugarcoated; she gives direct, practical advice to her readers. She also revisits and revises conventional wisdom about career choices. This blog is also peppered with personal content; Trunk often speaks about the balance between work and home.


About the blog: The CAREEREALISM blog was created by noted career strategist and consultant J.T. O'Donnell. As she explains in the site's mission statement, the site is for "any person who recognizes that in today's workplace, the old methods for job searching no longer apply."

Why you should read this blog: CAREEREALISM takes a comprehensive approach to providing advice and guidance and gives the readers ideas about finding and keeping their jobs in a brave new career world. O'Donnell also engages the reader with frequent guest writers and video entries.

4. Shifting Careers

About the blog: Marci Alboher, the author of "One Person/Multiple Careers," writes a monthly column for The New York Times. She also writes ongoing content for this blog, which discusses tips and ideas about blending or changing career paths.

Why you should read this blog: The traditional model of staying at one company for years is rapidly disappearing. Alboher's blog gives readers ideas on when and how to change direction in their careers. The blog bridges traditional career advice with contemporary content, explaining new ideas and concepts in easy-to-understand ways for the beginner.

5. On Careers: Outside Voices

About the blog: The Outside Voices blog is featured as part of the business coverage in U.S. News and World Report. It's a collaborative effort, with staffers from the magazine and several career experts all contributing content.

Why you should read this blog: It's a collection of diverse viewpoints from some of the leading experts in the field, collected and published in one blog. The subject matter addresses a wide range of ideas, from practical résumé fixes to the psychology behind our workplace behavior.

6. Punk Rock HR

About the blog: Human resources expert Laurie Ruettimann posts her thoughts about the corporate world and HR's role in it. Ruettimann's expertise comes from her tenure in HR at various Fortune 500 companies.

Why you should read this blog: To succeed in a job search, it's a good idea to be familiar with the workings of HR, often the initial point of contact for any job seeker at a company. And Ruettimann's humorous, irreverent blog can give job seekers insight to what the "other side" of the process is like.

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