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President-elect Barack Obama on Saturday retraced part of the train route taken by his political hero Abraham Lincoln to his inauguration in 1861 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Washington, where Obama will be sworn in on Tuesday as the nation's 44th president..

Here are dispatches from CNN correspondents and producers along the 137-mile route:

CANDY CROWLEY, ABOARD THE OBAMA EXPRESS IN PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, 10:50 a.m. ET: This is not just a march through history, and the Obama team certainly wants the Lincolnesque sort of symbolism to catch on.

But this is also a way to roll into Washington and try to keep that enthusiasm that Barack Obama saw on the campaign trail, because there are so many tough times ahead.

The themes he wants to fit here are not just "We need to get that spirit of patriotism, and we need to go back to what our forefathers believed in." He also said, at the end of his speech, let's make sure this election is not the end of what we do to change America but the beginning. See Obama address a town hall meeting before his departure Read full article »

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