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James Brainard is a Republican mayor whose city sits in a Republican county carried comfortably by Sen. John McCain in last year's presidential race. But at the moment, he is rooting for President Obama.

"Government should be investing in infrastructure," the Carmel mayor said in his City Hall office. "That is what government is meant to do. It creates long-term value. I think the stimulus plan is a good one."

Not that Brainard necessarily takes issue with the unanimous House Republican opposition to the initial plan.

"They wanted to get certain things in the bill, and it seems like they have accomplished that," Brainard said. "So, I hope, I hope that most of them voted 'no' simply as a strategy to get a few things in the bill that they thought are important."

But with each passing day, the mayor now says the goal of creating jobs fast is in jeopardy. Read full article »

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