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Yes he can win the Nobel Peace Prize. Even on the same day that President Obama met with his war council yet again to consider sending up to 40,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

The confluence of events -- some might even call it irony -- was a stark reminder that this award was more about the promise of change than actual change. Peace is not at hand in Iraq or Afghanistan, and while the president has articulated a new approach to the world it will be difficult to translate that vision into some actual victories.

"Even as we strive to seek a world in which conflicts are resolved peacefully and prosperity is widely shared, we have to confront the world as we know it today," Obama said in the White House Rose Garden. "I am the commander in chief of a country that's responsible for ending a war and working in another theater to confront a ruthless adversary that directly threatens the American people and our allies." Read full article »

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