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Blog of the month: Serie A Talk

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  • was set up in 2007 due to the rising popularity of Serie A
  • The blog's creator, Christopher Harris, says he tries to be neutral
  • Harris tells CNN the David Beckham story has brought a surge in readers
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CNN's Football Fanzone presents the "Blog of the month" -- profiling a different football blog every month. This month we look at:

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Few things could have created more of a media frenzy over Italian football than the David Beckham loan saga between AC Milan and the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Are you a fan of Italian football?

Italian football fans show their passion for the game.

This protracted storyline and the subsequent fallout from it saw readership boom on the blog -- our blog of the month.

Set up by Christopher Harris in 2007, the blog has become a full-time job for the 39-year-old American.

Harris told CNN that he has a strong interest in the Italian football scene, and with a background working in web design and marketing, that motivated him to set up his own site.

"I created it a couple of years ago -- really with the rise in popularity of Serie A. It has continued to grow, and this year the Beckham story was a large factor in that."

Harris said the rise of Italian football has helped his U.S. based blog flourish since he created it. Read the Serie A Talk blog

Rebounding from the lows of the match-fixing scandal in 2006 -- a World Cup win for the Azzurri and the arrival of top players like Kaka and Ronaldinho has seen Italy's Serie A competition once again become a force in world football.

Even today there's no shortage of issues to talk about.

With Inter Milan currently storming to the Serie A title, the ongoing David Beckham road-show, and the failure of the Italian clubs in the Champions League -- there's been plenty to discuss and debate on the SerieAtalk blog.

Harris said there is plenty of television access to Italian football matches in the U.S. and therefore there was already a base of interest on that side of the Atlantic before he began the blog.

The major goal of the blog is to present a unique perspective on some of the issues affecting the Italian game, he said.

"It's a collaboration between several writers around the world. From time to time I write ... but mainly I manage the site.

"Some of our work is talking about the media coverage of the league and looking at the big issues in a unique way," Harris said.

He said he tried to present the blog in an objective way, rather than supporting a particular club.

"I try to remain neutral and be more of an observer of the league itself."

Harris also manages a similar blog on the English Premier League --

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