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Your say: Is in-vitro meat better for us and the planet?

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  • Selection of your comments on issue of in-vitro meat
  • Many in favor of the technology, but skeptical of eating it, many anti the idea
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(CNN) -- We asked you what you thought about in-vitro meat, and hundreds of you replied. Read a selection of your comments, below, or visit the main page to read the full article, all your comments and watch the report.

"If the in-vitro meat tastes near enough the same, and has more nutritional value than regular meat, it could reduce thousands of deaths a year, make the world healthier and with the right equipment, could produce more meat with even less carbon emissions. Why not try this meat, and see what it can do for you and your country?"
Christy Jade, England

"I think it is a wonderful thing -- health-wise in ingredients, germ-free and with greenhouse benefits. I suppose it will be able eventually to produce meat like natural meat not just minced meat, and with mass production it will compete with natural meat."
Dr. Chan Kim Yong, Singapore

"As a lifelong vegetarian who eats neither flesh, fish nor fowl as a matter of principle, I think people should give up meat seven days a week not just Mondays. Contrary to what many carnivores believe, seven meatless days do not make one weak."
Jeff, Germany

"The question to put to these in-vitro protein scientists is not 'What is the 'yuck factor'? as the news presenter asked, but what and how will theses cells eat and grow? What will be the efficiency of these in-vitro systems on a large scale? I suspect that the final energy consumption in producing in-vitro protein will not differ much from animal produced protein."
Dr. Robert Jones, Quertaro, Mexico

"Great idea. I get the fact that we, as a race are going to have to decide what we are going to do to feed ourselves, this really the answer? I am closing in on the upper half of middle age, and would prefer to have a long a prosperous life, but where do we draw the line? If we all start living longer, then we will need even more food, insurance, etc... Maybe we should take a step back, and focus more on living happier, natural lives instead of just being selfish and living longer."
Brian, Vermont, USA

"What we need is a way to eat meat more ethically, period. According to this article, you still need slaughtered animals to get the in-vitro meat. Yes, you won't be slaughtering as many but every animal should matter. Farming conditions have gotten way out of hand, so it's time for a sort of dramatic change".

"Lab grown meat is not for me. I prefer my meat to be naturally injected with steroids, fed several tons of grain to fatten it up, and burp a few kilograms of methane before being slaughtered and served up."

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