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Employing the fun theory

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Musical staircase
  • Swedish advertising agency created viral videos called 'The Fun Theory'
  • Shot on streets of Stockholm, turned public stairwell into a piano keyboard
  • Another video turned a bottle bank into an arcade game

(CNN) -- Making a set of subway stairs into a piano and a bottle bank into an arcade game; just two ingenious ways to get people to take time to do the right thing and have fun.

The viral videos are made by a Swedish advertising agency DDB for Volkswagen as part of The Fun Theory campaign.

The company wanted to show that by making things fun, you're more likely make people change their behavior for the better, be it for the environment, for themselves or other people.

Does it matter that such a fun little project is connected to a car company?

Video: Bottle bank arcade

You decide. In the meantime, enjoy the videos.