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Mark Frauenfelder is a writer, illustrator and sometime ukulele player. The 48-year-old moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago with his wife -- a native of the city -- to work as an editor on the technology magazine Wired and went on to co-found bOING bOING magazine.

Today, he divides his time between running the Boing Boing blog, a hugely popular L.A.-based culture and technology blog, and raising his two daughters.

CNN: What is the greatest thing about L.A?

Mark: I love the endless supply of surprising neighborhoods, restaurants, stores, hiking trails, artists, writers, and oddballs here. It's impossible to get bored. I have a long list of places to see and things to do here, and even better, I know that there are places to see and things to do that I don't know about yet.

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