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20 years on: Tiananmen remembered

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Hong Kong holds candlelight vigil

Tiananmen Square: A watershed story for CNN

Donna Liu: 'They lowered their rifles and started to shoot'

Cynde Strand: 'We knew it was coming, and we survived'

Vito Maggiolo: 'I challenged the Chinese'

Mike Chinoy: TV news was going to change everything

One of Tiananmen's 'most wanted' returns to China

Tiananmen protester still defiant

China's youth post-Tiananmen: Apathy a fact or front?

China: From Tiananmen to present

Timeline: China's student democracy movement

Zhao Ziyang's memoirs revive Tiananmen

Time: Chinese dissident Bao Tong speaks out

Time: Photographing 'Tank Man'

U.S. urges China to come to terms with Tiananmen

Tiananmen: A look back at the most riveting moments Video (3:16)

Hong Kong holds candlelight vigil Video (1:27)

June 4th anniversary arrives in Beijing Video (3:35)

Tiananmen crackdown revisited Video (3:45)

Tiananmen victims' mothers seek answers Video (2:38)

Tiananmen students' legacy Video (7:14)

Post-Tiananmen youth -- politically apathetic? Video (2:40)

From student activist to capitalist Video (2:54)

Symbolic statue highlights curtailed freedom Video (1:06)

Tiananmen remains a sensitive subject Video (2:36)

Beijing hinders CNN report -- with umbrellas Video (2:11)

Dissent in China moves online Video (2:43)

Ex-Party official voices dissent at crackdown Video (2:57)

How pro-democracy movement evolved Video (1:45)

Capturing the iconic 'Tank Man' standoff Video (6:15)

Crisis grows in China Video (1:46)

Troop carriers enter Tiananmen Square Video (:54)

PLA troops recover Tiananmen Square Video (5:09)

CNN reports on troops recovering Tiananmen Video (4:21)

Student leader: 'The soldiers open fire' Video (1:28)

China tells CNN to end transmissions (1989) Video (5:44)

CNN's Bernard Shaw signs off from China Video (1:43)

Look back at China pulling the plug on CNN Video (13:27)

CNN producer recalls Tiananmen assignment Video (7:40)

Time: Hong Kong guards memory of Tiananmen

Time: Hong Kong dissidents prepare for anniversary

Opinion: Dissent remains silenced in China

Opinion: The end of revolution

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