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Iranian consulate worker killed in Pakistan

  • Pakistani citizen was shot and killed in Peshawar on way to work
  • Abu Hassan Jaffri was director of pubic relations at Iranian consulate
  • Attack follows series of militant suicide bombings in Peshawar area
  • Iran
  • Peshawar
  • Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- A Pakistani working for the Iranian consulate was shot and killed in the northwestern part of the country Thursday, police said.

Abu Hassan Jaffri, the director of pubic relations at the consulate, was on his way to work in the city of Peshawar when at least one gunman opened fire, a police official said.

An employee at the Iranian embassy in Islamabad confirmed Jaffri's killing.

"We're all very upset with the news of Mr. Jaffri's death," the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

In recent days, Peshawar -- the capital of the North West Frontier Province -- has repeatedly come under attack as Islamic militants have retaliated against an army offensive to rout them from their havens along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

On Tuesday, a suicide car bomber struck a congested traffic circle outside Peshawar, killing at least 26 people -- including children -- and wounding 60 others.

The blast happened in Charsadda, which is about 18 miles (29 kilometers) north of Peshawar.

The attack happened just as Charsadda District Police Chief Mohammed Riaz Khan was leaving the area, and Khan said he thought his two-car convoy was the target of the attack.

In addition, a suicide bombing at a police checkpoint on Peshawar's Ring Road killed at least three people Monday. A suicide car bombing killed 17 people in the city Sunday, including an area mayor.

On October 28, a massive car bomb tore through the heart of a bustling marketplace in Peshawar, killing at least 100 people and wounding at least 200 others.