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Second fire at Russian weapons depot kills eight

  • Shell "self-detonated" as ammunition was being loaded onto a truck at a Navy depot
  • November 13 fire at same depot created series of explosions that killed two people
  • Governor of Ulyanovsk region told TV station the depot had "several thousand rail cars" of munitions
  • Russia
  • Russian Navy

Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- Eight Russian bomb disposal experts were killed Monday as they cleaned up after a massive fire at a navy arsenal 10 days earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

A shell "self-detonated" as ammunition was being loaded onto a truck at Russian Navy Arsenal No. 31 in Ulyanovsk, city about 900 kilometers (560 miles) east of Moscow, the ministry said on its Web site.

Ammunition in the truck exploded, killing the eight technicians and wounding two others.

The November 13 fire at the arsenal created a series of explosions resembling fireworks that went off about every 30 seconds, according to Russian media.

Two people were killed in that fire, the Defense Ministry said at the time.

The governor of the Ulyanovsk region, Sergey Morozov, said in an interview with Russian Channel One TV that the depot had "several thousand rail cars" of munitions.

CNN's Maxim Tkachenko in Moscow contributed to this report.