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'Unfortunate incidents' probed at Iran university amid crackdown

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  • Tehran University dorm raided, with tear gas and beatings alleged, iReporter says
  • Several students reportedly still being detained by Iranian police
  • Parliament speaker calls for "unbiased report" to reveal "hidden hands at work"
  • There have been reports of crackdowns on other Iranian universities
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TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iran said Wednesday it is investigating reports of violence at a Tehran University dormitory in the wake of rallies sparked by last week's disputed election.

The aftermath of anti-riot police actions at Tehran University shows smashed computer terminals.

The aftermath of anti-riot police actions at Tehran University shows smashed computer terminals.

Tehran University students told a CNN iReporter that government forces staged a massive crackdown early Monday at the university's dorm. Some students were detained in the raid.

Students jumped out of windows to escape the Iranian police forces who threw tear gas and beat students, according to the iReporter, a former Tehran University student who now lives outside Iran. He did not want to be identified for security reasons.

CNN has been unable to confirm the account because of restrictions on international media in Tehran.

Parliament speaker Ali Larijani on Wednesday called for an "unbiased report" by the team of lawmakers appointed to look into the "unfortunate incidents" at the university dorm, according to Iran's government-funded Press TV.

"There has been news of unfortunate incidents taking place in parts of the city such as the Tehran University dormitory, and it appears that hidden hands are at work to feed foreign media outlets with propaganda," Larijani said.

The investigating lawmakers have spoken to Tehran University students and other officials and are demanding the release of the detained students, Press TV reported. The lawmakers are also calling for the arrest and punishment of those who perpetrated the violence and for students to be compensated for their loss, according to Press TV.

The CNN iReporter said one Tehran University student e-mailed him as the assault on the dormitory happened between 1 and 5 a.m. Monday.

"So around 4 a.m., he sends this very frightening e-mail. He says, 'Right now Ansaar [pro-government] forces are outside of buildings and threatening students to, 'Get out of the rooms like good boys.' Thank God the night is going to be over soon. Please pray for us!'" the iReporter told CNN.

A couple hours later, the student wrote, "Some students jumped out of windows to save themselves and got injured, but the shameless forces even beat and arrested those too. ... Some of the arrested students are released after more beating and interrogation, others are missing."

The iReporter said he believes Iranian students have "a very important role" in Iranian politics, but noted that the current protests in Iran are more than just a student movement.

"At least the perspective that those forces have is that the students are at the leadership of this movement," he said. "This might or might not be true especially right now because all the people are involved in this protest and it's not only students. They have a very important role here."

There have been reports of crackdowns on other Iranian universities. Amateur video posted on YouTube showed several injured people identified as Isfahan University students.

Amnesty International said it appeared students were also targeted at Tabriz University in northwestern Iran when security forces entered dormitories there and detained 10 students.

Amnesty also reported similar crackdowns on university students in the cities of Shiraz, Mashhad and Zahedan.

The human rights agency called on Iranian authorities to "end attacks on students."

CNN's Tricia Escobedo contributed to this report.

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