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Behind the scenes at Yas Marina

  • New track has longest straight line in F1 circuit
  • Only F1 track built as part of a hotel
  • Run-off area is under the grandstand
  • Only track that can be divided into two, so two races can be run at once

Abu Dhabi, UAE (CNN) -- Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi's new state-of-the-art Formula One track, has many new features never seen on the F1 circuit.

Race under a hotel
The track runs underneath the new luxury Yas Hotel. It is the only F1 track to be constructed as part of a hotel.

Two races at once
It's the only track that can be divided into two tracks and so two races can be run at the same time.

Roofed grandstands
All the grandstands are covered with a roof. No other Formula 1 track has covered grandstands. Each grandstand will have a particular view of the track. Organizers say there will be no preferred stand.

Longest straight
It has the longest straight line in any F1 track. Cars will be able to travel up to 317 kph (197 mph) on the straight road.

Run-off under the grandstand
The run-off area is under the grandstand. No other grandstand in the world has the run-off under it, so if any cars go off the track, they will do so under the grandstand. "This will add more excitement and thrills to the race," according to Hamed Al Harthi, spokesman for the Yas Marina Circuit.

Twilight race
The race is going to be a twilight race, starting at 5 p.m. and ending at 7 p.m. So the track will be used during the day and at night.

Pit-lane tunnel
There's a tunnel at the end of the pit lane, where the cars do maintenance and fuel up. After they are worked on by their teams, the cars will drive under the tunnel and then back up into the race. "This will add more excitement because the other cars in the race on the track will not see the cars coming out of the pit lane," said Al Harthi. "It will be beautiful for the viewer to see the cars coming out of the tunnel. The car will suddenly just pop up from the tunnel."