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Iraq bombing suspect killed during investigation

Two car bombs killed scores of people outside Iraqi government buildings in Baghdad.
Two car bombs killed scores of people outside Iraqi government buildings in Baghdad.
  • Suspect in bomb attack in Baghdad shot during interview struggle
  • Man grabbed guard's weapon and shot an investigator
  • In ensuing struggle, weapon was taken from him and he was shot dead

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- A suspect in a massive double bomb attack in Baghdad grabbed a guard's weapon and shot an investigator, before being shot himself, the Interior Ministry said Saturday.

The incident occurred late in the week during an interrogation at the general directorate of criminal investigations in Baghdad, the ministry said in a statement.

It said a guard was giving the suspect water when he grabbed the guard's personal weapon, shot and wounded the guard and then shot the investigator, the statement said.

The wounded investigator, identified as Maj. Arkan Hajem, wrested the gun from the suspect and shot him before dying. The suspect was taken to the hospital, where he died from a loss of blood, the ministry said.

The statement said the man was suspected of involvement in last Sunday's bombing of the Justice Ministry. The ministry said it has initiated an independent judicial probe and an administrative investigation into the matter.

Last Sunday's two-vehicle suicide bombing also targeted the Governorate in central Baghdad. The bombings killed at least 160 people, the deadliest attacks in Iraq since 2007.

On Thursday, authorities in Baghdad announced they had detained more than 60 members of the police and army, including 11 senior officers, responsible for security in the area of the bombings. They were detained for questioning and it was not clear if they were suspected of collusion or negligence.