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Roadside bombs wound at least 8 in Baghdad

  • A high school principal was killed in a drive-by shooting by unknown gunmen in eastern Baghdad
  • Eight people were hurt in separate roadside bomb explosions in central Baghdad
  • Interior Ministry also announced that three prisoners escaped from a jail in southern city of Basra
  • Iraq
  • Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- At least eight people were wounded and a woman was killed in violent incidents Thursday in Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official told CNN.

A high school principal, Safa'a al-Khafaji, was killed in a drive-by shooting by unknown gunmen in the Al-Ghadeer neighborhood of eastern Baghdad, the official said. She was leaving the school when the gunmen shot her at the school gate.

In the Karrada district of central Baghdad a roadside bomb exploded, wounding five people, the official said.

And another roadside bomb exploded in central Baghdad, wounding three people.

The Interior Ministry official also announced that a day earlier in Basra province in southern Iraq, three prisoners escaped from Al-Maqal prison during visiting hours.

The official said the prisoners sneaked out while the visitors were leaving the prison. The prison staff is under investigation and the police are trying to locate the fugitives, the official said.

Iraqi prisons have experienced a number of similar incidents, most recently in September, when 16 prisoners escaped from Tikrit prison north of Baghdad.

CNN's Yousif Bassil in Baghdad contributed to this report.