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School officials suspended after allegedly entering home of sick kids

From Jessica Naziri, CNN
  • Two school administrators were suspended
  • They allegedly entered home without permission
  • The boys' father filed a police report
  • The teens did not mention incident to their father until weeks later

New York (CNN) -- Two school administrators in a New York City suburb have been suspended with pay after they allegedly entered the home of two teenage brothers who had called in sick from school.

Principal Ernest Jackson and school psychologist Pam Kavenagh allegedly found the two brothers sick in their beds, then tried to get them to get up and go to school, Chester, New York, Police Chief Peter Graziano told CNN.

"It's a he-said, she-said ordeal," Graziano said. "We are working with the district attorney's office and obtaining more records."

Officials at the Orange County District Attorney's office were not immediately available for comment.

Jackson's school, Chester Academy in Orange County, said it suspended Jackson and Kavenagh on Tuesday while police try to decipher whether the two school officials entered the apartment illegally.

A disciplinary hearing is pending until further information is obtained, according to Chester Academy's Superintendent Sean Michel.

The boys' father, Michael DiQuattro, filed a police report earlier this month claiming the pair had entered the family apartment without permission.

Details surrounding the incident are not clear, but according to that report, the teens -- ages 13 and 16 -- did not mention the incident to their father until "several weekend visits" after it happened.

"I'm sick to my stomach; I was upset," DiQuattro told CNN affiliate WABC. "It just strikes me as somebody who would do something like that is definitely not all there."

Repeated calls to Jackson and Kavenagh were not returned.

CNN's Julie Cannold contributed to this report.