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Bike messengers deliver condoms as part of Swiss health campaign

By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
  • Swiss program offers condom delivery in three cities
  • After phone order, bike couriers will deliver condoms within an hour
  • Program is part of country's AIDS prevention campaign

(CNN) -- As part of a campaign to fight AIDS, Swiss health officials are offering a new twist on safe sex: condoms delivered to your door.

Switzerland's Federal Office of Public Health began a new program Thursday giving people in Geneva, Bern and Zurich the chance to order condoms by phone.

Young people should always carry condoms with them, the office said in a news release Friday, but now bike couriers will arrive -- in an hour or less -- to "come to the aid of those who have forgotten."

For 8 Swiss francs (about $7.50 U.S.), messengers will deliver three condoms.

The project, which lasts throughout July, is part of the country's "LOVE LIFE STOP AIDS" campaign.

"The couriers are simply the perfect people to remind people in a pleasant way of our message that one should always have condoms available," campaign manager Norina Schwendener said.

The Swiss AIDS Foundation is a co-sponsor of the campaign, which stresses that people should always use condoms during sexual intercourse, she said.