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Norway at top of prosperity index

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Index is based on economy, government, educator and other factors
  • Norway tops the rankings for the 2nd straight year
  • The United States is No. 10, down one spot from 2009
  • Norway
  • World Economy

(CNN) -- Norway leads the 2010 list ranking the prosperity of 110 of the world's nations by the London analytical center Legatum Institute.

Norway also topped the 2009 rankings.

"The Prosperity Index seeks to understand how economic fundamentals, health, freedom, governance, safety, education, entrepreneurial opportunity, and social capital influence a country's economic growth and the happiness of its citizens," the group says.

Europe dominates the Top 10, taking six of the spots. The United States and Canada represent North America, while Australia and New Zealand check in from the Pacific-Asia nations.

Eight of the Bottom 10 nations are from Africa, with Zimbabwe coming in last.

The Top 10:

1. Norway

2. Denmark

Video: Christine Romans on the prosperity index

3. Finland

4. Australia

5. New Zealand

6. Sweden

7. Canada

8. Switzerland

9. Netherlands

10. United States