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Clinton weighs in on takeout and TV in interview with comedy show

By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN
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Hillary Clinton jokes about bad gifts
  • Two Australian comedians known for pranks interview Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • American TV makes it look like everyone is "wrestling and wearing bikinis," Clinton says
  • The interview is part of Clinton's recent diplomatic trip to Australia

(CNN) -- Tough diplomatic topics like war in Afghanistan and the global economy were high on Hillary Clinton's agenda on her three-day trip to Australia over the weekend.

But the U.S. Secretary of State also weighed in on American television and how she negotiates take-out orders with her husband in an interview with an Australian radio comedy show, "Hamish and Andy."

Comedic duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee began their interview by presenting America's top diplomat with an expired bag of potato chips to ask how she handles receiving gifts she doesn't like. They later asked Clinton for tips on how to avoid inviting an annoying neighbor to a barbecue.

"In your role now as Secretary of State, you have such high-level meetings...have you ever said the phrase, 'You just made a very powerful enemy'?" Blake asked.

"No," Clinton laughed. "But I've thought it."

Lee noted, "Your role requires excellent patience, great negotiation skills.

"Your husband also possesses those qualities. When you two can't agree on what to get for takeaway dinner, who wins out in that kind of negotiation?"

"We practice different modes of negotiation around important issues like that," Clinton deadpanned.

In a question about problems with how America is perceived internationally, Blake and Lee mentioned the Kardashians, sisters who star in a reality television show.

"The Kardashians, exactly," Clinton said. "If you look at American TV as much as the rest of the world does, you would think that we all went around wrestling and wearing bikinis. I mean, that's what you would think we spent our entire day doing, right?"

On a serious note, Clinton also thanked Blake and Lee for speaking with her, according to a transcript of the interview released by the State Department Monday.

"I think that it is through popular culture that people can feel like they are connected, and the fact that you would come out and interview me in addition to all the other funny people you interview, I really appreciate," she said.

The pair, known for their pranks, recently dressed up in gorilla suits and tried to fool people at the zoo. Other celebrity guests they have interviewed include singer John Mayer and the Dalai Lama. A Twitter page promoting their show says, "There's a time and place to be serious. It's not 4-6 p.m. weekdays."

They arrived at their Sunday morning interview with Clinton at the University of Melbourne wearing tuxedos.

"To be honest, I had to borrow a red bow tie from my housemate, because I don't have a black one, but from afar, I think the illusion works," Blake said.

Clinton replied: "You know, my husband, one time when he was president, showed up at a black-tie event without his proper tie, and he had to go and get it off of a waiter. So I know what that's like."