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Hugh Hefner: 'I will definitely not be celibate'

By Henry Smith, for CNN
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Connector: Hugh Hefner
  • Hugh Hefner rejects suggestions he is getting too old for sex
  • Hefner has a reputation for dating several women at a time
  • The long-time bachelor will turn 84 on April 9
  • Hefner founded Playboy magazine in 1953

London, England (CNN) -- Despite turning 84 this year, Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner rejected suggestions that he was getting too old to make love.

The Hef, as he is more commonly known, told CNN's Becky Anderson that celebrations of his April 9 birthday will happen over a number of days, with festivities coming culminating in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I will definitely not be celibate -- I will be celebrating," Hefner said on Connect the World.

"The following night, I will be taking the girlfriends to Las Vegas and celebrating in a larger venue at The Palms Hotel."

As the founder of Playboy Enterprises, Hefner has a long-standing reputation of dating several women at a time.

Asked if he can remember the number of women he's been with, Hefner said he "stopped counting a long time ago".

"I've never thought in terms of quantity, but more in terms of quality."

Although Hefner may be known for keeping company with many women at a time, he said he currently only has eyes for one woman.

"I am in a very good relationship with a young lady named Crystal Harris," Hefner said.

"She's a keeper."

Hefner was married for eight years and emphasized his monogamy during this period.

"I was married for eight years and was faithful to that marriage throughout the entire eight years. I think if you make a commitment, you keep the commitment."