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Despite hysteria, Justin Bieber doesn't think his fans are obsessed

By Phil Han, CNN
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Connector of the Day: Justin Bieber
  • Justin Bieber doesn't believe his fans are "obsessed" with him.
  • There have been several reports of crowd hysteria at concerts.
  • Bieber released first single "One Time" in July 2009.
  • The singer is one of the most popular topics on Twitter.

London, England (CNN) -- Global pop star Justin Bieber doesn't think his legions of teenage followers cross the line, despite reports of violence at concerts and even death threats aimed at his friends.

The 16-year-old singer told CNN's Becky Anderson that he has the greatest fans in the world and that he doesn't think they are "too obsessed".

"Nah, you know, I think my fans are really supportive and I'm glad that I have really devoted fans," Bieber said.

"You know, I guess they do what they gotta do."

In the past few months there have been several incidents where crowd hysteria got the better of some of Bieber's fans.

On April 26, the singer had to apologize to fans after 10 young girls were treated in hospital after being hurt at a free concert in Sydney, Australia.

Last month in New Zealand, some of Bieber's female fans knocked his mother to the ground and even stole his hat as they mobbed the singer at Auckland airport.

Crowd hysteria and even stampedes have also been reported in cities like Paris and New York.

Some of Bieber's close friends have also been the target of fan rage.

Kim Kardashian was reportedly sent death threats by fans after Bieber jokingly referred to the reality TV star as his girlfriend.

Despite the hysteria surrounding the singer, Bieber told CNN that he is thankful and calls himself lucky for having the opportunity to do what he does.

"It's been pretty amazing and I'm really glad that I've just been able to do what I love," Bieber said.

"I'm really glad that I get to travel the world and like I said, just do what I love to do."

Today, Bieber is one of the most popular pop stars on the music charts and is consistently one of the most trending topics on social networking site Twitter.